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Amazing Coorg


Abbi A natural island with cool and pleasant view. Boating and fishing makes a wonderful experience. 18 kms away from Kushalngar (Via Nanjarayapatna) is the island with about 11 acres of land. The state Jungle Lodges & Resorts has undertaken the development of this island. There are 12 tamed elephants which are maintained by the forest department. Tourists interested to know details about these mammals can be obtained here. Ideal place for nature lovers, spending a few hours with the nature, elephants, and the cool cauvery river.


Abbi The worshipping Goddess of Kodagu is Mother Cauvery. The birth place of Sacred River, Cauvery, Talacauvery is one of the main pilgrim centres of Karnataka. A 48 Km drive from Madikeri stands Talacauvery at the foot of "Brahmagiri Hills". Here emerges river Cauvery and gushes her way through Karnataka and Tamilnadu, sanctifying lakhs of hectares of land around her, ending her 760 km journey at Poompuhar in Tamilnadu to join Bay of Bengal.

The Auspicious day 'Tula Sankrama' falls on October 17th every year, where the holy cauvery appears by a sudden upsurge of water in the 'Kundike' - the pond, while the pilgrims take a holy dip. There is no separate worshiping idol for Goddess Cauvery. The pooja is performed for the holy water in the holy 'Kundike". In Talacauvery stands the "Shiva Linga" installed by Sage Agasthaya. About 300 steps leads to the top of Brahmagiri Hill where the exquisite view of mother nature can be experienced.


AbbiAlso known as 'Dakshina Kaashi', Bhagamandala is 40 kms away from Madikeri. Since Bhaganda Maharshi Installed Shivalinga here the place is known thus. Talacauvery is 8 kms from here. Near by are the temples of Maha Vishnu, Subrahmanya and Ganapathi.
The "Triveni Sangama" of the sacred rivers, the Cauvery, the Kannike and the Sujyothi a Subterranean stream is found here . An important Pilgrimage centre called 'Bhagandeshwara Kshetra', where the pilgrims first take a bath, and then ascend the hills for a holy dip at Talacauvery.
The only "Apiculture training centre" "Madhuvan" is in progress here. Honey by the brand name "Coorg Honey" is produced in Bhagamandala.


AbbiAt the feet of 'Tadiyandamol" the highest mountain of Kodagu, stands proudly the Nalknad Palace recalling the memories of history. It is just 45 kms away from Madikeri via Napoklu in Kakkabe. Built in 1792 by Dodda Viraraja, the two storeyed palace enthrals any one with its attractive paintings and architecture.

In Kakkabe there is also the "Paadi Igguthappa' temple built by Lingarajendra during 1810. The inscriptions of the King can be found here.


AbbiNagarhole National Park also known as "Rajiv Gandhi National Park" is 98 kms away from Madikeri, 90 kms from Mysore and 46 kms from Gonikoppa, extend to 647 Sq. Kilometres. An excellent opportunity to witness wild animals of different kinds, from the majestic elephant to the Deer, Tiger, Cheetha, jackal etc. The forest comprises of valuable wealth like the teak, rosewood, sandal wood trees etc. Though plying of private vehicles is not allowed inside, the departmental vehicle takes the tourists inside the sanctuary.


Abbi15 kms away from Nagarahole is the beautiful water fall, "Irpu falls' which flows as Laxman theertha, A Shiva temple dedicated by Lord Sri Rama is on the banks of the River. Walking besides the paddy field and watching the gorgeous falls which is about 60 ft. is a real treat to the eyes. This is also an ideal picnic spot.


AbbiA dam built across the tributary of Kaveri with a length of 2775 ft. and 174 ft height. A real picnic spot with the back water gushing out and with a Cauvery temple nearby. A travel of just 8 kms from Kushalnagar.



AbbiNestled within the thick Forrest, the Mallalli falls (Mallali Falls) is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Coorg where river Kumaradhara, drops down from over 200 feet. Scattered along the stream you’ll find incredibly misty waterfalls which can be accessed by many winding paths providing an apt location for trekking; The Mallalli waterfall looks like a thick veil, flowing from 61 meters above to the waters below.

A shimmering falls flowing through both rocks and outlined by brilliant green flora creates a calming atmosphere like no other. Mallalli falls is situated on the foothills of Pushpagiri hill-ranges. Kumara Parvata, also known as ‘Pushpagiri’, lies in the backdrop of ancient shrine of Kukke Subramanya. Mallalli falls is around 30 KMs from Somawarapet and approximately 275 KMs from Bangalore.

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